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Beyond the Lone Islands

Thursday, 22 July 2010

It’s A Jungle Out There…


… on my balcony. It’s been a hot summer, and lately also some almost tropical nights. In spite of rain last night and this morning, I still had to feed the tomato plant another big bottle of water this evening… Some sunny days I’ve had to water it two or three times! 


Cultivated “woodland” strawberries.


Furry, silky clematis seed heads.


Nasturtium flower after the rain.


And here’s the theme song from the TV series Monk from which I stole the title:

I just finished season 7 on DVD and am about to start on the 8th and last, so if you have already seen it, please do NOT tell me how it ends!


Maddog Salamander said...

You reminded me that Monk ended...and I haven't even seen past season 4. Man...stupid studies getting in the way. I will have to find some time to hide away with my DVD player, television, a case of Henry Wienhart's special reserve root beer, some snacks (both healthy and un-healthy) and get down to some serious watching.

Ginny said...

Oh, your terrance is like the Garden Of Eden, it's so beautiful. I would just want to live out there and eat there, too! I miss Mr. Monk!!! Did you know he had another theme song before this one? I liked it better, but this one's good.

DawnTreader said...

@ Ginny: I know I've read that there was another theme for the first episodes but I can't recall hearing it. Either my memory is just bad or they changed it for the whole series before distributing it abroad.

Cherrie McKenzie said...

Love your patio! Yes, there was a different theme for the first season of Monk. It was almost like a Greek melody. Evidently something happened because for awhile there was a running joke on the show about changing the theme.


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