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Beyond the Lone Islands

Monday, 12 July 2010

Still Hot

Photo from last year (town park).

We’re still having afternoon temperatures a bit over 30C /~90F in the shadow.  Indoors in my flat now 27C/ 80F.

Towards evening yesterday there was some thunder passing by, but at some distance – only a few drops of rain here. Today’s morning paper however told me that the fire brigade had a busy afternoon yesterday, with no less than nine fires started by lightning in the area.

Ginny asked about air conditioning. That’s not standard in the average private home here. For the most part of the year we are a lot more concerned about keeping warm than keeping cool...!

I have two fans going to circulate the air but they do not cool it down.

Luckily since I live on the 2nd floor I’m able to leave windows ajar at night (and when I go out in the day). Would not dare do that if I lived on the ground floor.


Dad was transferred today to a short-stay nursing home across town from me.

And my brother called from dad’s house in the afternoon to say he had arrived there, after a long and hot drive (~300 km).

Tomorrow morning I’ll call the nursing home again (talked to them briefly today) to make an appointment for us both to see the nurse there to exchange some more information. The timing of my brother’s visit is as good as can be. He’ll also be able to help bring some clothes and things from home for dad. I might go out to the house some day this week too, while my brother is staying, so that we can look over some things together.  We’ll see how it goes. The heat wave does not really inspire to a whole lot of “activity”.


Ginny said...

The flowers in your lovely picture look a bit like Crepe Myrtles. I hope your father deos well where he is, was the transfer very near you?

DawnTreader said...

They are roses, I think. It's the entrance of a "rose garden" in the park.

The nursing home is across town from me. By bus it will take me at least half an hour or more to get there.

GB said...

On Lewis I simply have central heating because keeping arm is the main issue but in New Zealand I have air conditioning because in winter we need warmth but in summer we need the cool air it produces.

I hope that your Dad settles in and that all goes well in his new home. My Dad had the very best of care in the nursing home.

DawnTreader said...

Right now I certainly wish that I had air conditioning!!! 9 PM and it's still 28C both outdoors and indoors. Thunderstorms are predicted for tomorrow...

Sandra said...

I am happy to hear your dad is out of the hospital and in the home closer to you. how long does your hot weather last? just a few weeks?

DawnTreader said...

Summer weather in Sweden is often a battle between cold and warm weather fronts. The hottest weather most typically occurs in July and beginning of August. But there may be heat waves in May and June, too - or late August. On the other hand, some years July can be mostly rainy. Or it can be a mix of sunny mornings and afternoon thunderstorms.


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