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Beyond the Lone Islands

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Uno’s Animals: Birds

2010 07 152 Uno Birds 1

2010 07 154 Uno Birds 2

2010 07 158 Unos Owls

Uno was 53 years old when he started making wooden sculptures. Altogether he made about 250 of them, big and small. He never sold any of his them. He gave some away, but most of them he kept in a private museum in a barn on his farm. As rumour or his work spread, he got more and more visitors. A few years after he died, the family offered the local folklore society to take over the collection, and a new museum was built next to the village hall. Some of the sculptures have also been exhibited in Stockholm and other cities in Sweden, and even overseas in Mexico, the United States and Canada.


Ginny said...

This is my very favorite so far!!! I'm a birdwatcher, and I adore these cute baby birds! I would buy two of these if they were for sale, but if they were, they would cost a fortune.

Sandra said...

the birds look like they could fly out of your blog. he was an amazing man with amazing talent. and so are you for showing all this talent to us using yours with the camera

Gramma Ann said...

Uno's work is wonderful. Everything looks so real. What a treat for you viewing them up close and personal, taking the photos and sharing with us. I as one, would never have seen them otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

GB said...

Absolutely wonderful owl and bird of prey.


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