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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Uno’s Animals: Pigs

Uno Axelsson had artistic ambitions already at an early age, but it was when he began to work with forestry that he found his niche. From 1975, when he began his career as a wood sculptor, until 2002 when he passed away, he created approximately 250 sculptures.

His work was always preceded by careful studies of the object to be recreated in wood. One can only be amazed at Uno’s ability to see a living creature captured inside a lifeless piece of wood and to release it in such unbelievable and striking detail.

~From the English brochure~


This sculpture of a sow and her piglets (in more or less natural size, I think) was carved out of one single piece of wood. This one took the artist 4 months to make, according to the guide at the museum.


A piglet who missed out on lunch (according to the sign)

2010 07 15

When Uno first started doing artistic woodwork (which was not until at the age of 53, I think the guide said!) he made bowls, following the natural shape of odd-looking pieces of wood; then he began to carve animal heads on the edges of bowls; and from there went on to do bigger sculptures.

The eyes on his sculptures are not glass but painted with water colours and then lacquered to be made shiny and life-like.

More of Uno’s animals will follow.


Ginny said...

This is amazing!! I love the piggies!! The first picture is by far the best, it is hard to believe that it's carved out of wood, much less only one piece. I hope you took LOTS of pictures! Sometimes following your blog is like going to the best museum ever, and yet again, you've outdone yourself!!

DawnTreader said...

I DID take lots of pictures of Uno's animals, Ginny, and there will be more posts following. If there is an artist truly worthy of a lot of attention it is this man because of his very humble attitude to life, and each piece of art truly unique.

Heather T. said...

I just love pigs and am SO impressed with this man's work! Glad you're sharing what you've found with us, can't wait to see more from him :)

Amazing work, to think that the sow and piglets are all one piece. And the funny pig brought a huge smile to my face as I began scrolling down.

Thanks for the morning smile.

Sandra said...

what a shame he kept all this beauty and talent to himself. these piglets are fantastic. he was a truely talented artist. no red dresses here, ha ha

rae said...

I thought that first one was a shot of a real mama pig!

jeannette said...

May have seen the pig in your second pic somewhere...Amazing - his history proves that one is never too old to pick up art. Very encouraging!

GB said...

Love this. Amusing sculpture takes quite a deal of talent.


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