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Monday, 19 April 2010

Wait and See?

Contemplating the quotation in my previous post today... Do you ever wonder... Well, silly question, really - I guess all bloggers do, from time to time:  Shall I put this or that on the blog or not...?

This, I would normally wait with, until I knew a bit more. But since I might not feel up to blogging directly afterwards, there might be a point in telling you before. I've been having "a spot of" trouble with an eye for a couple of weeks, a sort of irritating shadow floating about... Thought it was just a temporary irritation, but it's not getting better (nor worse, really), so this morning I got on the phone to the eye clinic at the hospital. And they gave me an "emergency" appointment at 2 p.m. today. If nothing else they'll be giving me some eyedrops for the examination that will make my vision blurry for a while. They told me this to point out that I shouldn't drive. But I don't drive anyway, so I'll take the bus there and maybe a taxi back home afterwards. But perhaps I'd better stay off the computer tonight...


Ginny said...

I now see your previous post, don't know how I missed it before? I love the two figures with the ball. It looks kind of like something on a building to decorate it. I wonder all the time if I should put certain things on the blog. Especially things that might offend someone. I put something on my blog once meaning to be sympathetic, not mean, and got a rather offended comment from someone. Please let us know what happens with your eye, I will say a little prayer for you, although by now maybe you've already been to the doctor.

Sandra said...

I'm with Ginny, let us know as soon as you can see to type how things went. thinking of you and i do pray it will be something simple.

GB said...

I'm sorry to hear that your eye is causing problems. I hope that by the time you read this all is well again.


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