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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Booking Through Thursday: Learning

*Do you remember learning to read?
*What’s your earliest reading memory?

Searching my memory, I can't actually recall a "distinct moment when the concept of reading clicked". I think I learned sort of gradually... My mum made these notes in my first photo album:

Listens to stories. Knows the colours. Uses pronouns correctly.
Knows the letters. Reads, spells and writes simple words
(if she is in the mood for it, of course!)

Reads pretty well. Short words fluently.
Reads simple text fluently. Reads whole children's books on her own.

I do remember that when I started school (at 7), I could already read (and so found the reading lessons rather boring). But I can't recall which was the very first book I read on my own.

One early book of my own that I still have, I can date, though.
At 7½, I won a book through writing to a radio programme. It has the date written in it - 16 January 1963, together with a "Sveriges Radio" stamp. The book is Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking) by Astrid Lindgren. (Link goes to the English Wikipedia article.)

So, to my readers now, besides the questions about learning, I also pass on the question: Did you ever read Pippi Longstocking?

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Sandra said...

I can't remember my first book, I started reading about the same age as you did, but i do remember my 2 favorite books when I was 10 years old. Bomba and Tarzan and the City of gold. i read them until they were ragged. I also loved my fairy tale book

Ginny said...

Pippi Longstocking is popular here, too. But I have never read it. I adore the Beatrix Potter stories. I learned to read in the first grade. They had learning books called the Dick and Jane series. See Dick run. See Jane run. See their dog Spot run. Run, Spot, run!

bunnystuff said...

That is so neat that your mom kept such good record! I wish I had done that for my kids! I loved Pippi Longstocking too!

rae said...

YES! I'm so interested in this prompt. It's making me think! I will have to email my Mom and ask her if my memories are accurate...

Dan Felstead said...

I never read Pippi. My first books were Dick and Jane series as well and also "Golden Books" but I can't remember their names.


Lori said...

The first thing I remember about beginning to first read was Mr M shopping in the grocery store. I went with the fool BTT. I figured it would be more fun. Here's mine.

Lisa said...

No I have never read Pippi either, regardless it is on teh shelves at work hahaha

Here's mine

martine said...

Says so much about school that they still insist they have to teach you something you already know:-(
thanks for sharing

blogjem said...

Pippis Longstockings is a wonderful book.
I was and still am attracted to characters who march to their own tune, because I'm exactly the same way.
I wrote about my first reading memory too.
Have a marvelous week :)
My link is


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