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Sunday, 4 April 2010

A New Friend


May I introduce my new friend: Bella. 
I fetched her from the store yesterday (when I had the assistance of my brother), but didn’t have time to sit down and get acquainted with her until today .

Yes, it’s a SHE this time. Funny, I’ve always thought of my previous computers as male, whether they’ve had a name or not. About time for a female! (It’s a Packard Bell EasyNote LJ75.)

I’m going to take my time getting to know her better over the next few weeks. (I’m writing this on the old laptop.) Today we’ve just been going through the basics… Getting her started, making recovery discs, that sort of thing. But so far, so good! I think we’re going to get on quite well. 


California Girl said...

Hi!!! Happy Easter!

My husband is madly engrossed in his new computer too. It's all he does now. He has to transfer all his photos to the new one. He's practically giddy with delight.

Ginny said...

Bella for Packard Bell. Very cute! We name all our cars, so why not name computers? Mine is a pink Dell laptop. What do you suggest? I hope you form a lasting friendship with Bella.

GB said...

Glad you have a new friend. I'm sure you'll get on fine. She looks really happy sitting there.

Sandra said...

I am so happy for you and Bella, you will make a nice couple. ha ha. good for you, you finally bought one. you said you would and i said i would, but you went first. let me know how she treats you, i am still looking.

rae said...

Recovery disks! Genius!

jeannette said...

Always fun to get a new computer! Hope Bella serves you well:)


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