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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine

We're enjoying beautiful spring weather now, and they say it is going to continue over the next few days. So I was inspired to "move outdoors", i.e. to fetch my deck chair from the storage room in the basement to the balcony, for the summer season. My balcony faces south-west, which is perfect in the early spring and in the autumn. On a really hot and sunny summer day however it gets too hot there in the afternoon. But on the whole... comparing it to my previous flat, where the balcony had morning sun... It really prolongs the summer season to get the afternoon and evening sun instead. Monday afternoon I was out there for two or three hours; planting some more flowers, and then just sitting in the sun, and reading a bit - wearing jeans, but short sleeves. And it's not even mid April yet! After the long, cold winter we had... it's a very special feeling to be able to do that again!

And my clematis plant has survived the winter, too! :)


GB said...

There is something very calming in my mind to think that summer on the balcony beckons. As you know I'm just about to transfer from Autumn to Spring. But the summer I've just spent in the sun will be replaced by a summer more akin to NZ's Spring or Autumn. Unfortunately however hot and sunny a Lewis summer is sitting in the sun will be blighted by the midge factor. Ah well. I have my conservatory.

DawnTreader said...

A conservatory sounds good! Is it attached to the house? My balcony has a ceiling (another balcony above) and (half) a shield of frosted glas between my balcony and the next-staircase-neighbour's; but the other two sides are all open. So sometimes it's too cold or windy to sit there. And sometimes too noisy. But the midge factor is very low! (Wasps can still be a problem some summers, though.)

rae said...

Those photos are so cheerful!

(And your midge conversation is cracking me up... we had a very pesky pet cat named Midge when I was little.)

Ginny said...

I love the shadowy effect on your deck chair, also your colorful scatter rugs. We have bought different kinds of clematis, and we never have any luck with them, they just shrivel and die. And they are so showy and beautiful, too!! Kind of like morning glories on hormones!!

jeannette said...

Glad Spring arrived in your neck of the woods and being able to be outside! (after seeing how severe your winter was:) ).

Sandra said...

the perfect spot for reading, and when your eyes get tired, rest them by looking at your pretty flowers, back to reading. perfect!


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