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Friday, 23 April 2010

Vampire Week

 My new look for this summer?

Rae commented on the picture of my dilated pupil in my Tuesday post, that for some reason it made her think of vampires. (You really should follow that last link.) I couldn't help thinking about that comment when I came home from yesterday's hospital appointment of different kind, and looked at myself in the mirror again. This time, instead of a picture of "the real thing", I'll offer you one I found on the internet:

a crochet (!) "vampire bite cotton cashmere necklace"

Sorry, but on occasion a bit of sick humour really seems to be the only way to cope with scary things. The test I had done yesterday was a biopsy of my thyreoid gland. (I came home with two adhesive bandages on my throat; removing them revealed bruises reminding of a vampire bite.) The gland is enlarged even though the hormone production is still normal. This was discovered by my GP who referred me to a surgeon at the hospital. I may have to wait another month for the result of the biopsy, and to learn whether I'll need an operation or not. Since the not-knowing state of mind might tend to make me a bit snappish, I decided I'd better give you fair warning...

It has not been the best of weeks!


Heather T. said...

Thyroid, too. My goodness girl. I had my fair share of testing and craziness a little over eight years ago, while I was nursing my middle son. I had to quit nursing early with him because they needed to insert radioactive dye into my veins. They thought I had an overactive thyroid then...after all kinds of testing, they found growth too...GOITERS. About a year later, they told me that if anything, my thyroid would most likely become an underactive one as I age...due to the history of family members. Oh, yay. Your post reminds me that I should go and have the blood tests done again.

They were concerned back then about the growth and possibilities. Now, it feels as though the lumps in my neck have enlarged a bit.

I will pray that your peace will increase as you wait ♥

California Girl said...

That sounds pretty unpleasant. Good you have a sense of humor and that necklace just might do the trick.

Great shot of Audrey Hepburn. Do you know which movie it's from?

rae said...

Oh my word, what a week. I hope your symptoms disappear NOW and every test comes back normal.

(Thanks for the shoutout!)

Sandra said...

you are to funny, made me smile. i love your new LOOK in the first photo and wish I had it for ME. the bite marks I cannot believe what people come up with. i know vampire stuff is popular right now, but WOW a necklace??

Ginny said...

That necklace.. .what a special, kooky, odball thing!!! Just the kind of thing I adore!!I don't know how you managed to find something like that on the web. How are you feeling now, are you sore from thr biopsy? Good for you for doing such a fine post after a biopsy. But I've got news for you. Just in case you may have to have the thyroid operation, my friend had hers removed last year. In three days, she was home taking care of her family and drove a truck out of stste. NO side effects or problems at all!! Unless I hear different from you, I am going on our church prayer line, which I record and manage. I will say that a friend is awaiting the results of a biopsy and ask for prayer for good results. That should get at least 50 people praying for this. I will wait over the weekend to make sure that this is alright with you first. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidsm about a year ago and have to take meds for it.

jeannette said...

Sorry Monika, you're having your share of physical things lately! Just came by to alert that your last comment on my blog is lower than you might expect...Have a great Sunday!


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