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Beyond the Lone Islands

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Slow Spring

We're still having chilly, even frosty nights here, and spring is slow.
My clematis on the balcony however is coming along...
(Picture taken tree days ago.)

I'm not feeling at the top of inspiration at the moment. Tomorrow I have another hospital appointment - not related to the eye problem and not of emergency kind, but I'm not sure how much waiting around etc it might include. I also have some income tax forms waiting to be dealt with within the next few days (for myself and for my father).

I have a couple of more Picture Book posts already pre-scheduled, though, so they will (hopefully) be showing up even if I'm actually busy with other things.


Sandra said...

so sorry you have yet another appointment. hope all goes well. don't you just love preschedule? thanks for the explanation of how you took the eye photo, now you KNOW i will have to try it to see if I can do it. i agree with Ginny, you do have pretty eyes

Ginny said...

I hope your doctor appointment goes well. Thanks for the eye photo explanation, of course I'm going to try it and see if I get anything "postable". I will include you in my prayers for your eye and iverll health.


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