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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Balcony Gardening

April 2010

Every spring when the sun comes back, so does the itch to plant things...!

On my previous balcony, which was a little bigger than the present one - and also a bit more protected from sun, wind and rain - I used to have quite a garden in the summer (see below). I settle for less greenery now (this flat, including the balcony, has other advantages). But of course it's early days yet, spring just getting started.  

July 2007


Ginny said...

I like seeing your old balcony. But in that first picture, are those a pansies? I've never seen any quite that color. Kind of a mauve with a yellow patch and stripes in it. A good springtime post!

GB said...

A balcony garden has lots of advantages - manageability being the biggest I can think of. Looks good.

Sandra said...

this is great! my friend has a balcony even smaller than your current one. she has so many plants on it, there is only room for one small chair pushed in the corner, she and her dog spend many happy hours on it. both your old and your new are very pretty. i like the plants in the bag in the collage.

DawnTreader said...

Ginny - Yes, the red ones are pansies. These are a small variety though, I think they are sometimes called "violet pansies". The blue ones in the upper right-hand corner are violets. Violets and pansies as I understand it are very closely related, both sub-species of the genus Viola. And they come in all kinds of colours.


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