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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


1. Original

2. Sharper, darker

3. Black-and-white with just a bit of colour focus

4. Bringing out colour…

5. Even brighter…

6. Manual end result after playing around with the extremes…

7. Automatic result from using multi-exposure of 1-5 in Picasa

… Hmmm… Maybe some day I’ll be ready for proper HDR…?

This is an old abandoned building, I think it used to be a transformer station. Whether it was or wasn’t, it could perhaps be said to be one now, since I used it for my own photographic “transformation” experiments…

Here’s another experiment with the multi-exposure in Picasa collage. Can you identify it? It is something you have already seen on this blog, just recently. (If you have been following, that is!)

2010-08-21 butterfly art 2


Ginny said...

What strikes me about that building is the fancy brickwork. It's beautiful and I've never seen anything like it. Too bad the building can't be fixed up, bought, and loved. Your changes are really something else! I think that picture may be the flower that you made the pretty work of art from a while ago? But I'm probably wrong.

Sandra said...

I am thinking the last one is butterfly something photo.
i love all the tranformations. each is a little different and pretty in its own way. this is what i like to do PLAY and play with a photo. what fun. you should do one like this on Friday for Scotts Phun Phyday


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