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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Advent In August

2010 08 Home, amaryllis 3

2010 08 Home, amaryllis


You may have heard of “Christmas in July” (celebrated sometimes in the southern hemisphere, where July is the coldest month), but what about Advent in August?

I usually buy Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) plants or bulbs for Advent and Christmas, but throw the bulbs out after the holidays when the flowers are gone and the leaves start looking sad. I’ve tried some time in the past to get them to flower again but never succeeded.

Mum however used to keep hers sometimes. After she died last spring, most of the plants in the house died, since dad never remembered to water them, and the home care staff did not make that a priority either. I gradually replaced most of the living plants with fake ones just to keep up an illusion of greenery. (Since I was not there often enough to water them, either.)

Two Hippeastrum bulbs somehow managed to keep themselves alive, though. I’ve been on the verge of throwing them out, several times… But have ended up leaving them.

Apparently being watered only once a month or so over the past year has suited them just fine!

When I was at the house about 1½ week after dad had gone into hospital in July, both the bulbs had fresh green leaves.

Another 1½ week later when my aunt and uncle and I stopped by, one of the bulbs had a flower bud coming! So I took that one home with me.

Now every time I enter my kitchen, it looks like Christmas. And odd feeling, since it is summer outside! 



Sandra said...

these are wonderful. good thing you kept them and kept trying. both your post today are very much Christmas in August, we have Christmas in July Sales here, they put out all the Christmas stuff at discounts

GB said...

I always think the Amaryllis is a very striking plant. This one's a beauty.

Don said...

I like the prose and the pic of the flower in the window with the curtain. The text captures some of the confusion surrounding your dad, and the picture captures some of the beauty of the good memories. Bittersweet... out of place... and beautiful.

Ginny said...

Oh how perfectly beautiful! It is so good you brought it home, and you never did throw it away. It is almost transparent in the pictures! I'm also thinking of it as a lovely reminder of your mom. She was special for loving all her flowers so much.


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