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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Dream of the Secret Garden

2010 08 01 Ramnaparken, gates, exhibition, park11

1. Sprouting   2. Flowergate   3. Live Rust
4. New Wave   5. Seed   6. Vine
7. Tradition?   8. Skansen-inspiration   9. Song of Songs 4:12

For a week and a half, I have been showing pictures of these gates at my DawnTreader’s Picture Book blog. I also showed most of them at the Soaring Through The World blog during “Fences and Gates” week. So some of my followers are probably tired of them by now… But for those who have not been following the other blogs, I thought I’d throw in a summary in the form of a collage here. The gates are all from an open air exhibition Gates - The Dream of the Secret Garden.

I was asked in a comment to reveal at the end of the show which one is my personal favourite. I have to say I find it hard to choose. It so much depends on the context – what kind of house, garden, fence, surrounding… I don’t have a garden, and any of them would look rather silly on my balcony!

The ‘Song of Songs’ gate I cannot imagine as entrance to somewhere I’d actually live. But as a sculpture, I love the mystery of it. All the other gates are of the kind you can see through. They are inviting kind of gates. This one however is the shutting out kind; but at the same time makes you wonder all the more what’s on the other side.

In that particular setting in the museum park where they were exhibited, with all the old buildings as background, I also took a special liking to the ‘Live Rust’ one. But if I actually had to use it daily, I would prefer one that was not rusty.

In an “imaginary real life” I would probably go for either the simple but elegant ‘Vine’; or possibly the somewhat bolder ‘New Wave’.


GB said...

My immediate reaction to naming a favourite was easy: 1. Sprouting. Then I started to think about it and that's a sure recipe for indecision. Then I thought to myself 'I don't need to take a decision, so I won't!' If only life were so easy!

DawnTreader said...

Yes GB. One good thing about just 'dreaming' is that you don't really have to decide...

From the photos I've seen I can imagine the 'Sprouting' gate looking good with your house, though. Right kind of colours, somehow.

Mersad said...

These are just fabulous. Very inspiring gates. Love the idea of opening one and crossing into another secret place.

Sandra said...

my favorite and i said that on your other blog, it the New Wave, it just sings to me and i would love to have it at my house, not as a gate, just to look at. also it wold matter what the fence was made of, so you are right, all the gates are wondeful, but not all would be good with a fence.

DawnTreader said...

Sandra, the New Wave gate I think I'd like with a stone wall or a hedge, rather than with a fence! :)

Ginny said...

Thanks for showing them all together and talking about them! Because this is what happened. Upon seeing them all together, I changed my mind about my favorite. It is for sure "Sprouting". But I wouldn't turn them down if someone gave them all to me, even though I don't have a fence anymore!

Von said...

They're all pretty nice, I could live with any or all of them.Gates are a big happening thang at my place this year, the plan being to make areas to keep geese in and out of.

rae said...

I love this post, not just because of the culmination of several excellent posts, but because you ponder the philosophical difference between types of openings. :) That kind of thing is always a delight to me.


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