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Friday, 20 August 2010

A Moving Situation


When I entered my email account today, an ad turned up at the top of the page, insisting that “Moving is the best medicine”...

My spontaneous reaction: “I don’t think so!!!”

Well. Related to exercise and arthritis (as the ad was) the statement probably does have some relevance. I’m not going to argue with that. (Not today, anyway.)

What is on top of my mind, is all the preparations for moving dad to a new home. Hopefully in the end it is the best possible solution (even if no cure) but just now it involves a lot of stress, tension and headaches for my brother and me, trying to sort out the details.


One of the details is that we still haven’t got the exact date. Today at least I found out that the reason for this is that the new place is going to be redecorated, which of course in itself is a good thing. Even when you are no longer able to take much notice of your surroundings, I think it must give a better feeling to move into a fresh and clean place than a shabby-looking one.


But not to be able to set a date for the whole moving apparatus certainly does not alleviate the general feeling of stress…


Hopefully I’ll be able to go and have a peek at the place next Wednesday; when it should be empty, waiting for the painters. Just to get a feeling of the size and shape of the room/flat – and some more info from the staff.

The pictures? Just some from the last month which I haven’t had any other use for yet… ;) That car in the last picture just rushed by in the street one day and I hardly had time to get the camera out of the bag. The photo was blurry - because the car was moving! - so I tried all sorts of editing to it, including blurring the edges a bit too and just keeping the colour on the most colourful parts of the odd-looking vehicle... (In case it is too blurry for you to see, it has no hood over the engine, but that is one clean-and-shiny-looking engine!)


Sandra said...

is he moving to assisted living or nursing home? or into a place closer to you? moving is stressful when you want to do it and when you dont even worse. we had to move my mother and daddy, a year before she died. she was already very ill and the state took their house and knocked it down to build a bigger road. very stressful.

Ginny said...

Well, I hope the place is nice, but more importantly, that the staff are very caring, as well. You will have to let us know what you find when you go! Oh, gosh, I just took a million pictures of those high cherry pickers!! But did not get three in a row, that is cool!! I love that car, too bad you couldn't get a better pic, but at least you GOT one!!

Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...I will be praying for your peace of mind. I hope all goes well. I am going to be facing the same thing before long and i am not looking forward to it. My Dad is 86 and still living on his own but I don't know for how much longer.


California Girl said...

I'll take fresh and clean over shabby any day.

It is SO hard overseeing your parents. If it is assisted living then you have some relief. If he's still independent, you'll still worry.

Keep us posted.

DawnTreader said...

I'm not sure about definitions and I never heard the term "assisted living" until the comments to this post (thank you), but I guess that's probably what you'd call it. He'll have his own bed-sitter kind of apartment but help with "everything". I assume meals will now be with a group of other people, and occasionally perhaps some other group activities. Over the past year since mum died he's had home care help 6-7 times a day in his own house. This move is supposed to give MORE help and security, not less.

Sandra said...

I forgot to say in my comment yesterday how much I like that shot of the crane through the fence, the first one. the shots through the fence are super great in my book.


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