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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

End Of Summer


It’s not over yet, but nature is beginning to bear witness to the change of season…


One thing I like about the rose hip bush is that it sometimes has fruit and new fresh flower buds going at the same time.



What really speaks of the turn of season is the Rowan berries turning red:

28 July

17 August


Sandra said...

beautiful red berries. but my favorite today is the first photo. they look like small beautiful dancers. maybe dancing ghosts? or little girl ballerinas? what ever I love the photo

Ginny said...

It's cool how everyone gets something different out of the same blog! I did not see what Sandra saw. It was only after reading her comment that I went back, and there it was!! My favorite is the big shiny Rowan Berry!! Perfect!

jeannette said...

The berries look so attractive! Long ago that I saw a rose hip bush! This year has gone so fast...I'm not ready for summer to be over!!

Rebecca said...

Oh no, I don't want it hear it..."end of summer." Goodness, where did it go.

GB said...

I'll echo Rebecca on this one! Or I might add for here 'What summer?'


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