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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Town Hall Centenary


Our Town Hall, now serving as District Court House, was built in 1910, and the centenary was celebrated this weekend with Open House for the public, including guided tours, lectures and dramatised court proceedings.

DSCN5001-1  DSCN5002-1







The back of the building.


A group of people waiting for a guided tour inside.

DSCN4966 DSCN4963-1

The inside of the building is beautifully decorated.


Waiting hall surrounded by court rooms.

DSCN4971-1 DSCN4968 

Above each door there is a different decoration.


The city arms - a pair of sheep shears.


This mural painting combines the tower of a church which is the oldest building in town, with the two towers of the town hall.


A brief account of the history of the town is given in a number of texts painted on the walls. This one tells the story of the foundation of the town (1622).




Decorations everywhere:
window-bays, wash-basin, ventilation grid, staircases

DSCN4988-1 DSCN4974-1


My favourite: A little snail crawling up the banister!


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GB said...

Absolutely wonderful posting, Monica. I, too, fell in love with the snail.

Ginny said...

what a wonderful, beautiful building, and so many great shots! I wish I could be there and see it. So many things painted and decorated that aren't usually in buildings! The colors are lovely, and of course I'm so glad you snapped the snail!

rae said...

This is SO COOL! Those decorations are great, and they photograph really well.

Dan Felstead said...

WOW! The artwork inside is fabulous. They have really taken pride in this place. Was that fountain actually running in these cold temperatures?


DawnTreader said...

Thanks everyone.
About the fountain, there is no water in it in the winter, but this winter they came up with a new decoration on top to create the image that there is. I think the "tubes" also light up at night, but I've only seen it in daylight myself. (I feel like I'm repeating myself here. I've had the question a copule of times before in connection with other pictures of the fountain. I always forget to include the information in the actual post, so always end up answering it in the comments!)
And yes Dan, they did take a lot of pride in building this place; it was an important part in the development of the growing town 100 years ago. I sat in on a lecture on that very theme on the centenary day.


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