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Beyond the Lone Islands

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


The ice is breaking up, and on its way to Nowhere.

Four swans flew north over my head and shouted hello,
but did not have time to stop to have their photograh taken.

The snow is melting.

Puddles everywhere on the ground, mirroring the sky.

Some green buds are beginning to show.

... and I planted spring flowers on my balcony!


Ginny said...

Your flowers aren't even blooming yet, and they already look beautiful! I love your reflections in the dreary puddle. Something ugly made into something beautiful. Funny how the snow has melted just around that bench. Thanks for the link to your Hannibal post! I think you and I have posted on the same subject before, as well. I was real tickled when I saw it was a post on the different languages you speak, because I'd been curious about that. Another language is just so terribly hard to learn, and I really admire people who can speak more than one.

GB said...

I enjoyed that. A story in pictures. I wonder if there will be any spring flowers in the UK when I return. I think that there may be this year; surely so much will be late this year.

jeannette said...

Can tell that you're in the mood for Spring! One can see on the ice clumps in the second pic that it has been laying there for a loooong time! Great reflection pic!


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