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Beyond the Lone Islands

Monday, 22 March 2010

Quotation of the Week (12/2010)

Picture (c) DawnTreader
People come into our lives
and walk with us a mile,
and then because of circumstance
they only stay a while.

They serve a need within the days
that move so quickly by,
and then are gone beyond our reach,
we often wonder why.

God only knows the reason
that we meet and share a smile,
why people come into our lives
and walk with us a mile.

~ Author unknown ~


Ginny said...

What a lovely path and poem! I do adore the poem. I think sometimes God sends us a human angel to help us with struggles in life,then they fly away when they've done their part. I also think that as we walk down this path, it is good to ask what our part is in life and who's load we can help to lighten.

Sandra said...

ginny is so right, I am finding in my older age I think more about ME than others, and I need to think more of others. i like the quote.

GB said...

So true. I'm sure too that this is another one which could lead to discussion. I shall file it away for a rainy day.

Don said...

A thoughtful poem and nice pic to illustrate it. I've met those people, and I've been that person.


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