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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Going Round In Circles

You might have been imagining me getting all caught up in scrapbooking inspiration after last weekend. Sorry, that's not it. It's just been One of Those Weeks. As the title implies: Going Round In Circles, without much evidence that I've accomplished anything at all.

Yesterday is a perfect example of the Great Nothing. First, I woke up to find myself (like the day before) enclosed by thick gray fog outside the windows. It was also raining - which, however, I sort of welcome now, to help get rid of the snow. So, in spite of the rain, I went out to post a letter that I had written the day before. When I eventually reached the letterbox (still having to make a lot of detours because of ice and unexpected lakes in the streets), I found that the letter was by then sort of turning back into pulp, because it had been sticking up out of the pocket where I kept it during the walk, and raindrops had been running down my raincoat and finding that absorbing envelope a nice place to gather...

So the letter went back home with me again, or I might have caused the whole content of the letterbox to merge into one wet illegible lump that no one would know what to do with. Luckily I had the text of the letter saved in my computer, so I've printed it out again. Maybe this afternoon or tomorrow I'll put it in a water-proof and carefully zipped-up bag and take the bus into town to try to find some place dry to post it...

Now, if you're wondering why on earth I still persist in using this old-fashioned method of posting things, the answer in this case is that it was a letter to my Letter-Writing Friend who has recently gone off to Spain again. And while there, they only check their emails occasionally at the local library.

Well. Later on in the day, yesterday, I sat down to write an email-letter to another friend. Then, when pressing the send button, instead of the usual confirmation that it got sent off, I found myself facing a sign telling me to "log in". Eh? So I logged in. And the only trace I found of the email was the first few lines of it saved as a draft. The rest of it had just disappeared. (I checked with the intended receiver - it had not turned up at his end either.) I guess I got disconnected from my broadband for a while and was put in an "off line" mode which allowed me to keep writing, but without access to the auto-saving function. Why are there no warning signs popping up for that kind of thing, while you keep getting "warned" about all sorts of other things all the time which you are already fully aware of?!

Anyway. That's how to keep yourself busy without having anything to show for it.

So today, so far, feels a bit like Groundhog Day (the movie) - repeating yesterday! Only hopefully with somewhat better luck. Perhaps.

PS. The photo is of an old sundial in our museum park.


Sandra said...

this post made me smile. I have days just like this and the next day I wonder what i did the day before. the mystery of computers and the things they do to us will remain a mystery until we no longer care. I think computers have a mind of their own. it warns us of things we don't care about or want to know and does not when it matters like this time with you. i hope you got your email off and to the right person with the right info.

Ginny said...

I enjoyed your post and love the sundial. But I clicked on the Dreary Misery Of Halloween link, and then that led me to another, and so on for awhile. So I have been living in your past for the last fifteen minutes. You wrote some deply sad and poignant posts. It was interesting to find out how Hallween is celebrated there. You can check out my feelings on the whole holiday in my post from last November third "Both Sides". I hate Halloween the way our country celebrates it. Yours seems to do better, and does not seem to have the evil content of ours. I am certainly empathising with you now, as my mother died within a few months of yours. So after I started reading, it seemed like I had been led to these posts and that I know you a little better now.

DawnTreader said...

Thanks. I'm kind of fascinated with the Links Within widget myself, you never quite know what it will pick up and at the same time it is usually quite good at choosing related posts. Yes, it's been a heavy year in many ways and that is reflected in quite a few posts as I look back. Blogging has been of help in dealing with it, though.

jeannette said...

Yeah, I think everyone has a groundhog day sometime -the best thing is that it most likely won't be like in the movie, that we're "stuck" in groundhog day LOL!

GB said...

Losing one's newly written email is one of the more frustrating things. I used to dread receiving the words "I'm sorry but I've wiped your (dictation) tape". One of the advantages of a secretary who took shorthand was that you never had that problem.

DawnTreader said...

@GB - I can't actually remember ever (as a secretary) accidentally wiping someone's dictation tape. (But I might of course have wiped some such incident out of my memory...) I can remember having difficulties interpreting my own shorthand, though! LOL


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