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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Spring Cleaning

Whilst I'm convinced that anyone speaking fluent Swedish would "get" this picture immediately, I'm feeling less sure about my English-speaking friends. I had to go to to find the word Dust Rat in English. (The Swedish equivalent is quite commonly used.)

Anyway, I've been doing a bit of Spring Cleaning this week, inspired by a few sunny days, and the fact that an old friend whom I hadn't seen in a long time was coming to visit today.

Unfortunately, yesterday the sun went into hiding again, and for tomorrow the weather forecast predicts another round of snow or slush.

We don't want more snow, we have plenty of left-overs as it is. What we need is a real Spring Cleaning, getting rid not only of Dust Rats inside, but of the Snow Heffalumps outside:


jeannette stgermain said...

Outside looks much worse than the inside Monika! I love your yellow curtains -so cheerful -but anyone bing in a winter like yours would need it!!

California Girl said...

Living at my MIL's I have no desire to Spring clean as she's been there 10+ yrs and it's full of crap. She's a hoarder and it's all in the basement. I guess when she passes, we'll be throwing out stuff right and left.

Very cute, that little dust mouse.

Sandra said...

i agree, I love the yellow curtains. In America we called them dust bunnies. that would be all those little dust balls that hide under beds and things. your dust rat is adorable.

rae said...

This cracked me up! Sandra beat me to the punch, we call them dust bunnies. Your photo-pun is so cute!

Ginny said...

I LOVE this post! You've made a post about cleaning fun!! As soon as I saw your blog, the mouse in the dustpan really made me smile!! We call them "dust bunnies" here. But your name for them makes more sense. Oh, my, your kitchen is SO lovely and cheery! I adore it. You should do a whole post in it! Now about the Heffalumps. We babysit a three year old who is always singing the heffalump song and was dressed up in a costume of a Heffalump for Halloween. Her parents explained that it was a character from a Pooh story, but we'd never seen or heard of one and have been very curious. In fact, my Halloween post shows her in the costume. So FINALLY I clicked on your link and was able to see and read all about them!! this post must have been just for me. Thanks!

mo jour said...

good morning DawnTreader, what a neat & lovely picture of the dust rat .... in germany, we call them "Wollmäuse". but not even the cats like them .... best wishes for you!

DawnTreader said...

@Jeanette - The cabinets, wallpaper, floor and furniture in my kitchen are all white and beige, so I use the curtains + tablecloth to bring in colour. I like it that way because it also makes it easy to make a change. In the winter, around Christmas, it is very common in Sweden to change curtains, especially in the kitchen. I had red-and-white chequered ones up from mid November until this week.

@C.Girl - I know what you mean, I feel that way about my dad's house.

@Sandra, Rae & Ginny - Now you mention it I have heard of dust bunnies, before but apparently it's one of those words you have to already know/remember before you can look it up. And of course it would not have made much sense with my picture anyway... ;)

@Ginny - What?! Never read Winne-the-Pooh? You have to fill in that hole in your education, girl...!!!

DawnTreader said...

@mo jour - Thanks for the addition to my German vocabulary, too! :)


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