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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Livin' on the Edge

After a few days of thaw and rain, yesterday we had a snowstorm going on all day again, leaving a new layer of snow on top of the freezing slush beneath. Today after a cold night the sun was back, but the temperature has stayed below zero all day (at least in the shadow).

Not having set foot outside my flat for three whole days (since my fall on Friday!) I gathered up my courage to get myself out again today, and on a bus into town to get a few groceries. In the town centre there are some streets and pavements kept ice-free (by heating pipes under ground). No such luck between my flat and the bus stop... But - not to keep you in suspense! - today I managed to stay on my feet.

Isn't my life exciting?!

(Mind you, grocery shopping can be as dangerous an activity as many others these days. I've mentioned before that the unusual amounts of snow have caused several roofs of big buildings like sports centres etc to cave in lately. Yesterday, this also happened at a big supermarket in another town. Luckily everyone inside managed to get out and no one got injured.)

I'm not sure I dare write it down, but for Thursday I actually have Plans. Unless new snowstorms or other calamities happen to find us in between, a friend and I are going to make an attempt to go and see an art exhibition. Wish us luck! (Not that it's far to go; it's just one of those things that we keep talking about and never seem to get round to, and now there are only a few days left before it closes.)

The photo at the top is not from today but might as well be.


Ginny said...

The tree is interesting; it seems to have snow only on one side of the trunk. Am I right? I love your little cartoon strip! So glad you are doing O.K. from the fall and got out and back home without injury! I love art exhibits! Some allow you to take pictures, and some do not. I hope you will be able to take pictures and do a post on it. It doesn't surprise me about the supermarket roof. I imagine they are all flat, and those are the kind that collapse under all that weight.

DawnTreader said...

@ Ginny: How the snow stuck to the tree trunk was what caught my attention, but I did not try to go round to check the other side!
The cartoon was cut from a newspaper. The art exhibit I suspect will not allow photos but we'll see.

Sandra said...

ginny and I both understand how dangerous going out to the grocery store can be. if you manage to stay on your feet, and I am glad you did, the roof could fall on your head. we are both The Sky is Falling people, from henny penny. do you know that old story? be safe and have fun. i went to see Ancil Adams art show and they let us take photos but not with flash.

GB said...

I hope that by now you have been to and enjoyed the exhibition. I'm sure we'll soon know.

I think your the tree is very Caspar David Friedrich. I had one of his on my office wall for some years.

WV = rantneta Why? was my last rant untidy?

DawnTreader said...

@GB: I was going to say I'm not very familiar with Caspar David Friedrich, but then "taking a google" at him, I got the distinct feeling of having done that before... and probably because you mentioned him before... I just can't remember when! (Maybe next time, as a matter of course, I'll just say to my self: Ah, yes, Caspar David Friedrich - without the need to google! LOL)

And yes, I did go to the art exhibition yesterday, and use of the camera was allowed, so that will be coming up!


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