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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Summer Time

It's that time again. Time to set the clock forward one hour in the middle of the night. As if it were that simple! Is there anyone out there who has only one clock?!

When I'm at home, I don't like wearing my watch. So I have clocks everywhere. Twice a year I wonder why! Now let me see...

1. Wrist watch.
2. Alarm clock by the bed.
3. Kitchen clock.
4. Clock on the wall in the hall.
5. Clock on the wall in the study.
6. DVD-recorder.
7. VCR.
8. Cordless telephone.
9. Telephone by the bed.
10. Small stereo in the bedroom.
(Not very important, I rarely put that on timer.)
11. The computer, but that takes care of itself.
(The only thing that does!)

Is that all? Hm. Surely I have forgotten something. Oh yes.

12. Another wrist watch.
13. The mobile phone.
14. The MP3-player.
15. Better check the new small TV/DVD player too.

At least the stereo in my living room does not have a clock. Or does it?

The clock in the picture is not mine. It belongs to a museum.

The hardest thing for me though is usually to reset my inner clock. Shouldn't really matter so much to me these days, since I don't have to get up and go to work early in the morning. I still usually have difficulties with it; it brings me out of rhythm. We'll see how it goes...

Looking back in my memory, I could have sworn it was in the 70s we started switching to summer time in Sweden. Checking my facts in Wikipedia, I find that it wasn't until 1980. Maybe it was discussed earlier? In my memory, I can hear some of the farmers in the church I belonged to back in the early 70s discussing the matter. They were convinced the cows couldn't handle it. The problem is that in 1980, I was living in another town since five years, and in the church I was going to then, no one was concerned with what cows might be thinking. My brain must be mixing things up!

Ah well. Now I'd better get started on my clock round, or I'll be even more mixed up tomorrow!


GB said...

Yes, Monica, you are so correct about clocks changing. I have no problem with my body clock. I'm used to adjusting and I have no set times for sleeping.

BUT I have the problems of dozens of pieces of electronica (and mechanalia) which require altering.

BUT I have to do it twice - here and in Eagleton! And when I had the pottery it was even worse!

Needles to say I have checklists.

GB said...

I forgot to say that my kitchen clock in Eagleton alters automatically because it picks up the UK's radio time beacon signal. It is really weird to see it adjust itself when, for example, one puts in a new battery.

Ginny said...

I know what you mean with all the clocks! We had to set ours forward about two weeks ago. Did Sweden just start Daylight Savings Time in 1980?

Heather T. said...

What a grand clock that is! We set ours ahead, here, two weeks ago...and it certainly does mess everyone up for atleast a week. Everyone was confused, walking like zombie's :) That was the week that I asked our school's custodian on Tuesday if he was ready for Monday....hahahaha

DawnTreader said...

GB - My dad has a clock like that which he can see from his TV chair. So hopefully at least that one shows the right time at his house without anyone's help.

Ginny - As I said, Wikipedia tells me the start was 1980. Not counting an attempt back in 1916 which was not a hit! (They probably listened more to the opinions of cows back then.)

Heather - Yes. It usually takes me quite a while to adjust, too.

Sandra said...

you would not want to hear me whine a couple of weeks ago when our time changed. this is the one that really upsets me. i want the time to be the same and not keep changing. it should be on 12 noon, the sun is straight up overhead. no one listens to me though, it just keeps changing. I am not like GB I have set times for everything, and this one messes that up royaly. we have all the clocks you have and 2 more wrist watches. also coffeepot, toaster oven, range, microwave in kitchen. all those things that beep have to be changed manually. the only thing that corrects itself is our cable TV and computer.

rae said...

I started a list of all the clocks I had changed as soon as I read this post! Thankfully, the one I check the most (on my phone) updates automatically.

Also, the "cows" comment cracked me up, because I JUST had that conversation with someone. It seemed so simple to me, the farmers just have to wake up an hour earlier so the cows don't notice. But I bet the farmers don't like that solution!

Don said...

We started two weeks ago too. I'm lovin' the extra daylight when I get home. It's easier to do chores during the week that used to have to wait for daylight on the weekends.

If inner clocks are a problem, some people start adjusting themselves by 15 min. every few days for a week or so in advance. But that's other people, not me. ;-)


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