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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Sacred Diary

This is a blog post without a point (that remark directed at a certain reader who wondered if there always has to be one). So I'll make three.

1/ I seem to be in an every-other-day mode at the moment. Every other day (or so) I get inspired to "do things", and the next day I find myself totally exhausted and not wanting to do anything at all. On Sunday I went to that scrapbooking event, which was costly but interesting. Yesterday I can't even remember what I did, all I know is that I had intended to go out in the afternoon, but ended up sleeping instead (in spite of sunshine outside). So I'm writing this down mainly to remind myself tomorrow of what I did today...

2/ It's still a cold and dangerous world out there. Normally (a word that does not really apply to this winter) I prefer to go shopping etc in the morning; but when it's -12° in the morning and +5° in the afternoon, it seems better from that aspect to reverse things. Some spots are also still really icy, so I decided to take the bus half way to the supermarket. For safety! But for some reason, although I had pressed the bell in good time, the driver did not stop at the bus stop; I had to shout "hey", and then he brought the bus to a very sudden halt, way past the platform. Getting off, the step was really too high for me, and I was "this" close to falling (making a gesture you can't see). As a result I now have pain in a hip and knee which are otherwise usually among the less painful parts of my body. By the time I got home (walking now in spite of all seemed safer than getting on another bus), I again felt exhausted, so I can only guess that tomorrow will be another sleeping-day. (And laundry. Mustn't forget...)

3/ After writing the post entitled Church(es) the other day, I decided to reread The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass (aged 37 3/4). I found that this book still has me ROTFLOL (web abbreviaton for "rolling on the floor laughing out loud"); except that I try staying on the bed, because that's more comfortable than the floor. Anyway, I think I shall have to try and get hold of it in English, too, because I only have the Swedish translation, and there are some puns and anagrams in it that I'd really like to know the original versions of...

I'm tired, and aching. Think I'd better get back to my bed and my book!


Ginny said...

We have something in common. I totally overdid today, and will want to sleep all day tomorrow. And let me say, people are shocked that I sleep all morning till lunch when I can. Because I'm so tired all the time and usually something hurts. Seems like a rude bus driver, maybe? I enjoyed your comment on my blog today. I wonder how many countries use military time? I had no idea that Sweden did, but had never thought about it brfore. Our country does not use military time, and most people don't know it. Only the military does (of course).

Sandra said...

I do so love a book that makes me ROTFLOL and i like the ROTFLOL so much I will be using it. I read a mystery book last week, I do love mysteries and my husband thought i was nuts because every few pages i would laugh out loud. the name of the book escapes me right now as does the point of what I am saying. ha ha. loved this post and that is the point of it.

GB said...

Hmmm. I must put this book on my list of one's to be read.

I thought the 'pointless' posting had more point than many of mine that are actually supposed to have a point. Gosh! What a horrible sentence that was.


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