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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Swedish Halloween/All Saints Day

Friday was a chilly, grey day, but without rain or wind. I was in town in the morning - the streets outside the florist's shops and supermarkets are all lined with grave decorations and candles (have been for a couple of weeks, culminating on this weekend). I live near an old cemetery, with a lot of very old graves, and very few new ones - but already on Friday afternoon, there were candles and lanterns lit on just about every second grave. More will be added... There are lots of people about, all the time - putting down decorations, lighting candles... There is very little talking; all is very hushed and quiet.

In a couple of hours, my aunt and uncle will come to pick me up, and we'll go on to my dad's house outside town, where my brother is also waiting. After a meal, we'll go together to mum's grave (and a few other family graves). This is the first Halloween after her death. (If you missed my Monday post, I've written more about my feelings and the family situation there.)

The pictures in this post were all taken yesterday. As you can see, most of the trees are now bare; just a few golden leaves left on some (next time the wind blows, they will go, too). The air is chilly, and darkness falls early in the afternoon, since we set our clocks back to winter time last weekend.


California Girl said...

Hello dear, can't be an easy time for you. This time of year, when things are dying or going into hibernation doesn't exactly add to an upbeat mood.

Good luck to you. All Saint's Day is a good day to refer to.

rae said...

What a good collection; these photos convey a very specific emotion (at least for me). My favorite is the second to last -- a candle on the ground?


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