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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Cruel But Necessary

The geranium plant had been growing big as a bush on my balcony during the summer. It won't survive winter outdoors. There was no place for it full size indoors. Either it wouldn't get any light, or I wouldn't get any light... I had to cut!!! Remains to be seen how it recovers from surgery...

It's my own balcony in the background.
No peeping into the neighbours.
Best to be on the safe side (referring to previous post)!


mo jour said...

Dear DawnTreader!

You're so subtle. I love the way you see, live and treat beings (dinge.menschen.pflanzen.tiere ....)

Again and again I am amazed having found a kind of 'soulsister' living so far 'north of my navel'.

Sometimes, I feel stunning parallels:
Only yesterday I cut down several plants from my jungled balcony before bringing them into the house for the winter ....

No pictures, though :-)

California Girl said...

Hmmmm, maybe I should bring mine in before the frost kills it?

Rose-Anne said...

Monica Geraniums like a good prune. They grown thicker after a good prune and they are better for it. So don't worry. You can also grow Geraniums from cuttings. Pluck all the leaves off and put them in soil.

rae said...

I am jealous of your obvious green thumb, all the more because I can't even keep cacti alive.

DawnTreader said...

Thankyou all. Before you put me too high up on a pedestal I think I had better confess that I don't always treat all plants and creatures with quite equal tenderness. That is - I don't keep my windows full of half-dead plants. And creepy crawly things that dare put down their eight feet within my flat are usually shown no mercy, however beautiful webs they weave outdoors. But this particular geranium plant is kind of special to me since it has been around for a while - it, or ancestors of it. And it can be somewhat of a shock to be pruned as well as to "change climate" (being moved inside) at the same time... However, it survived last winter in the same window, so I hope it will again.

Dr.John said...

From time to time let us know how the patient is doing.


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