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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Quotation of the Week (42/09) - Friends

"Always be kind to your friends, because without them you would be a stranger."
-Source unknown-

In my previous flat, I had a big noticeboard in my hall, full of photographs of friends and family, postcards and newspaper cuttings. I found no good place for it when I moved to my present home (last summer). Looking through the photos, it also struck me that many of them represented the past rather than the present. (Years fly by... Little toddlers grow up to be teenagers and young adults. And then for some reason the parents stop sending me family pictures at Christmas!) So I made some different arrangements where I live now. I put the old photographs in an album, and put some newer ones up in a different way. Anyway... Among the old yellowed newspaper cuttings was one with the quotation above. (In Swedish, so the above is a translation.) It's still in my mind even though it's not on my wall.


GB said...

That's certainly food for thought. True of course. But how about an addition: always be kind to strangers because then they may become your friends.

DawnTreader said...

Graham, I gladly accept that addition, too. It is as true as the other one.


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