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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

An Artistic Experiment

Today I left my camera at home when I went into town to post a letter and pick up some groceries. I've grown so used to bringing it with me lately that now I feel like I've forgotten something when I do not have it with me, even when I left it at home on purpose!

I've taken so many photos these past colourful autumn weeks... This one, I played around with quite a bit in PaintShopPro9, and was pleased with the water-colour-ish result!


Simply Heather said...

You left your camera? On purpose? Oh. My. Goodness. hahaha - I'm just picking on you.

This is nice in the ways that the colors flow together. It's so much fun to play with our photos, isn't it though??

GB said...

I still haven't learned to use my PSP and certainly haven't done anything like this. It's fun. And rather pleasing in my book.

jeannette stgermain said...

You did a great job, Dawn! Maybe you don't need your camera every time?:)

Raven said...

Nice effect. Really does look like a painting. I love paint shop pro! Thanks for the award above. Was fun to learn all those interesting things about you. I will formally accept it (see I'm acknowledging it here in a different post... ) when I am a little less tired and can think about commenting on it. I generally hate awards, though I like the thought of someone honoring me. It's those nasty stipulations/rules... But anyway, thanks. Whew. Hope to see you at wordzzles tomorrow.

DawnTreader said...

Thank you all for comments. With PSP I still don't have a clue what I'm doing much of the time (especially when trying out the more artistc effects) but it's fun to experiment. In that way it actually resembles painting in water colour because that also has a tendency to "be what it will be", especially when painting wet-in-wet. So yes, Jeannette, I have tried a bit of that, too. Sadly since a kind-of-accident nine years ago I have problems holding pen or brush for a long time without getting cramps and pain up my arm and neck. So I just kept getting frustrated and lost inspiration. Lately however I'm re-finding inspiration through the camera and also PSP to try and find new ways of expressing myself.

Pan's Island said...

This looks amazing - when I get a new camera I will definitely be asking you for advice :)


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