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Monday, 5 October 2009

The Worries of Tomorrow

In spite of the quotation I just posted - "do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself" - my thoughts will not quite let go. Home care staff phoned at noon and assumed I knew my dad has a hospital appointment tomorrow. I did not. I also don't know how long they have known; or how long dad himself has known. Anyway, now I can no longer claim ignorance, and will have to accompany him. That is, they are going to put him in a taxi and expect me to be there when he arrives and take it from there. Dad himself has no idea what kind of specialist it is that he is going to see or why (I talked to dad after I talked to the staff). I have some idea, but am confused, since I thought this was something that had already been dealt with and decided not to proceed with. I'm trying very hard just now to postpone the worries until tomorrow. Actually not so much worries about what the specialist might have to say - that I can postpone until I know. What my mind is circling around is the details of how to get dad and myself through the practical procedures and the maze of hospital corridors tomorrow. I might be able to be of some intellectual support, but when it comes to physical support, don't try to lean on me...! Waiting is not what I'm best at, either - in a physically upright position.


rae said...

I hope tomorrow goes as good as it can possibly go. For today, that is an exquisite photograph!

Simply Heather said...

Your photo is gorgeous, Monica. Do I say that to you alot about your photos? Aw-well....they are! I am sorry that you're running circles, inside and outside (I know those feelings well). I also understand the "not leaning on me" part of you...I was once quite strong and able, well, I'd like to think so anyway :) = I suppose I've always been a little weebly-wobbly, stubbing toes and running into the wall corners, tripping and such. Standing still isn't very comfortable either.

Oh poo...nevermind :)

I will pray for strength to be in you, peace to wash through you and clarity of mind to fill you for the tomorrow to come.

♥ Heather

Dr.John said...

Not knowing when you are trying to help a loved one always is upsetting.

jeannette stgermain said...

By now it is "tomorrow" for you, so I hope that you'll get through this without too many incidents.
I am not too good at waiting either, so what I do is to distract my mind with knitting, or something like tha,t if I have to wait:)

Dan Felstead said...

Monica...I will be thinking about you today and I hope all goes well with your Dad. My Dad is 85...more and more I face days like this as well...

Best of luck today and let us know the outcome. We are all with you in our thoughts.


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