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Beyond the Lone Islands

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Walking - Far, Long and High!

Yesterday, I went too far. Or walked too far. Or too long... Whatever. It got a bit too much, anyway. It's still a delicate balance between exercise and over-exertion, with my neck problems...

Today I've tried to make up for it by staying in, and even on top of my bed a good part of the day. Heavy rain outside seemed to support an indoors day, too... However, I did go out for a very short walk to a shoe shop nearby - to buy myself a pair of expensive, but hopefully better walking shoes... (The very ones in the picture above.)

Both GB and Scriptor recently posted pictures of a statue called Dream, which I gather is 20 metres high. That beats the biggest one I have to offer with more than 100%. It's still kind of impressive, though, this 9 m high statue by American artist Jim Dine. It's called Walking to...  (google and thou shalt find) There was more debate about him before his arrival, than there is now. Both the size of him and his lack of any connection whatsoever with the place where he stands were much discussed. Why Pinocchio? Why Jim Dine? Why Disney? But he's been there a while now and we're kind of getting used to him...

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