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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Perspective Matters

Last Tuesday, I wrote a post about Walking My Camera, and coming home with a lot of pictures. I only showed you a few of them, though. Now I'm going to take you on a walk with me around the same lake, where there is also a bird sanctuary. The reason for this is that besides some unusual birds (which I don't have the names for) I also at one point had a very surprising sight of something completely different. For a moment, I almost thought Aliens had landed - and then I'm not talking birds! The Thing was Huge, and because of that there were two things about it that surprised me: One was that I had not seen It the last time I walked around the same lake only a few weeks earlier. The other strange thing was that only a moment after I saw It this time, It was out of sight again, and did not reappear.

We start from the south end of the lake, and walk north along the west side.

12:11 Here are some birds I don't know the name of.

12:13 Approaching bird sanctuary.

12:15 Black swans are not a common sight.

Some birds are kept within fence.

12:27 The north end of the lake.

12:36 Now we're on the east side looking back across the lake at the sanctuary.

12:38 Further away from the sanctuary.

12:40 Further still. All peaceful and quiet.
12:45 Next time I turn round to look back, there It is:

A few more steps... And It was out of sight again! Spooky.

12:48 Back at the south end of the lake. No It in sight!

Of course It is no space ship, even if it does seem rather 'alien' in these idyllic surroundings... The only reason for UFOs entering my mind in connection with It was really a recent discussion with someone... ;) It is here to stay, because It is part of a new district heating power plant, at quite a distance from this idyllic lake. And only visible from a certain point of view, if you walk around the lake anti-clockwise. Last time, just like now, I walked round clockwise; and then you don't see It at all, unless - like I did now - you happen to turn around and look back at exactly the right (or wrong) spot!


GB said...

That's a lovely peaceful view for a walk. As you say it's better without It.

Black swans are rare in the UK too. But in New Zealand all swans are black and white ones are very rare (if, indeed, there are any).

Simply Heather said...

LOL :)

Wonderful walk this was, Monica. I see that you have all your ducks in a row, too. Fun, fun! I like that last shot very much...made me smile.

DawnTreader said...

Heather - yes, both ducks and swans were quite cooperative that day (willing to pose for me).

GB - I did not know that about swans. Blogging is really teaching me a lot of things I did not know...!

Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader....SEE I TOLD YOU ALIENS ARE FOLLOWING US AROUND!!!! No one ever believes me.

Beautiful pictures and thanks for taking me on your walk with you.



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