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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 1 November 2009

All Saints Day Pictures

Thanks to my Aunt, we had a good meal.
And Harry-the-dog was happy to help with the dishes!

Partly thanks to the weather (and the rest thanks to each other), the visit to the churchyard went well, too. Unlike most of my memories from Halloweens past, the sun was shining from a clear blue sky, it was very still, and we went before dark. Which means we found our way among the graves, could see what we were doing, the wind did not blow out the candles, and we did not get too icy cold.

Someone commented on my post yesterday:
"-- a candle on the ground?"

In our graveyards, this weekend, there are such candles burning on almost every grave. Some put theirs in special lanterns instead, but just as many or more are put directly on the ground.  These are designed for the purpose and supposed to last for about two days or so - a plastic container with a metal cap on top, to protect as far as possible from wind and rain, and still let enough air in to (hopefully) keep it burning.



California Girl said...

Wonderful photo of the churchyard and it looks like a lovely All Saint's Day. You sound a bit more upbeat. Hope you are!

rae said...

Thanks for more about the candles!

The colors in these photos are surprisingly vibrant, given the season where you are.

Glad your day went well, and hoping the shift toward new holidays is a welcome and happy one.


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