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Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Blog Library Keeps Growing

For some time now I've had the feeling that it might be a good idea to put my attempts at fiction (i.e. so far mainly my contributions to Raven's weekly Saturday Wordzzle Challenges) into a separate blog, and let this one be about life and dreams and book reviews and whatever else.

My experience from taking part in the Wordzzles over the last 7½ months has been that it is basically two different sets of people who comment on things I write. One set of people (most of whom are not in the Followers list) nearly always comment on the Wordzzles, but rarely on anything else. Another set of people (most of whom are in the Followers list) comment on other things, but very rarely on the Wordzzles.

From this I draw the conclusion that it seems unlikely that I would lose readers by moving the fiction; it might even have the opposite effect in the long run, by making the purpose of each blog clearer.

Thought, said and done: One more blog has this weekend seen the light of day: Wordly Efforts. (No, it's not a spelling mistake. It's supposed to be witty.)

And for those who are still interested in "the other aspects of me", there are links! :)

My total number of followers on any blog is still not overwhelming, in spite of all the awards (total of three) that were bestowed upon me during the last few weeks. This is not to be taken as a complaint, mind you! I am overwhelmed enough with other things as it is. The most positively overwhelming thing still being that people who do follow my writings are becoming real friends instead of just making up a number!

I remarked to one blogging friend yesterday, that instead of increasing my number of followers, I seem to be generating more blogs instead. Maybe I'm heading into a split personality disorder?? But no... It probably all just stems from my deeply rooted fascination with libraries. Everything in its place!!! (I'm hoping for support from at least Scriptor Senex about that view of things.)

Anyway. For anyone who might be feeling they're losing track, here is a library index of my current blogs:

The Island of the Voices (where you are now):
About Life, Dreams and Everything

Through My Spectrespecs
Anything Harry Potter-related  (and you might be surprised how many things to me are Harry Potter-related!)

DawnTreader's Picture Book
Big size photos and pictures; almost daily, but usually without much comment. This is also where I take part in photo challenges if I feel that I have the time and am in the mood for it. Like Mosaic Monday, or Wordless Wednesday.

NEW: Wordly Efforts
"where I wrestle with my own attempts at fiction"
(For example my ongoing story The Slumber Party Mystery, based on the Wordzzles. Actually, at the moment that is the only example; but who knows about the future! By the way - there is now also a Summary of the plot - if so it can be called - of The Slumber Party Mystery; for anyone who feels they lost track, or anyone who never even dared the attempt to jump into it before. All the previous chapters have also been imported into the new blog; and from next week on, Wordly Efforts is the place where the story is going to continue.)

And then there is of course also
Soaring Through the World in Pictures
which is not my own blog, but a place where I'm happy to share pictures regularly together with other people with photo interest from all over the world, on weekly themes. This week, the theme happens to be Simplicity. Hmm...


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