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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


1. Update on the hospital visit in the morning with my dad:
Worrying beforehand did help. It all went much better today than last time. (See yesterday's post about Hope and Worry.) We are still not much wiser, though. The specialist will have to do some digging into the past, trying to collect medical records from other places, before he can determine whether new medication might possibly be of any help. For me, however, it was a huge weight off my shoulders that this time an assistant from home care was also with us through the whole visit.

2. Does this experience also really mean that I feel I have to update my theology? In case someone actually feels unsure about it: No. I never seriously thought that when Jesus said "Do not worry about tomorrow" he meant: Never think in advance. The whole context in Matthew 6 has to do with a much bigger picture, what things we find most important in life. (To increase our bank account, or our compassion.)

3. Update on the computer situation:
In the late afternoon, I tried a couple of more internet tips on the dead computer, but without success. I'm not going to make any more desperate attempts, that might only lessen the chances of retrieving  lost data from the crashed hard drive by help of other means. My brother will probably be able to help me with that later on.

So I have accepted the fact that I will have to buy a new computer. It has been on my mind for a while anyway. Just hoping the laptop will continue to keep its spirit up in the meantime, until I decide on the best alternative for the future.

Today I have been able to safely transfer all my original 2009 photos, and also some edited ones, from my backup USB flash drive onto the laptop. Phew!

It's not the End of the World.



jeannette stgermain said...

Hope that your laptop will last till your new computer is installed...what a hassle!
Glad that at least some of your burden about your dad is lifted:)

GB said...

Having just reinstalled everything on the family's PC and got it working again I was glad to hear that you have backups. So many people have nothing backed up and lose precious things when the computer crashes or corrupts. I have three computer tips I give everyone: backup, backup, backup. So few listen. So many suffer.

DawnTreader said...

Ever since I got the digital camera I take an immediate back-up every time I transfer pictures from the camera to the computer. I don't erase the pictures from the camera until I have also done the back-up. Lately I have used a USB flash drive which is quicker than burning them onto a CD. Actually lately I've even taken a second immediate back-up of photos onto an extra hard drive in the computer. (An old one from previous computer.) Can't access that either just now but the data will still be there.

What I've been neglecting lately though is back-up of recent documents and edited photos. Irritating but not disastrous. And they too might still turn out to be possible to restore onto another computer.


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