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Monday, 2 November 2009

I Got the Shot

(Photo from 27 October)

The last intense colours of autumn from a couple of days ago are all gone now. The weather started changing yesterday (Sunday). (See my other post from today.) This morning, there were just a few brownish leaves left on the trees, all was grey and wet, and the main impression is that NOVEMBER is upon us... And as the calendar agrees, what else is there to say?!

This afternoon, I went to my health care centre and got my first vaccination against swine flu. Remains to be seen how I will be feeling tomorrow...! On request, I got the shot in my left arm, because of the chronic pain problems I already have in my right arm (every extra pain on that side usually gets multiplied).

I have been getting regular flu shots every autumn for seven or eight years. Some years I've felt nothing, other years mild symptoms for a couple of days. Nothing compared to the rounds of real flu and aftermaths that I used to get...  Since I started taking flu shots, I've hardly even had an ordinary cold in the winter. The swine flu vaccine has been discussed a lot but considering my own experiences of other flu's I did not hesitate...

I'm prepared. I can hibernate the rest of the week if necessary. I've got food. I've got pills (which I take anyway). I've got handkerchiefs and cough drops. I've got films to watch and audio books to listen to. The weather report says rain tomorrow anyway...



jeannette stgermain said...

What an artistic shot, Monika! Hope you don't have to hibernate:)

Dan Felstead said...

Monica...sounds like you are ready for whatever comes your way! I think it is a great excuse to stay inside and read whether you get side effects or not! I would! Our Autumn has finaly passed as well..a few trees still hanging on but soon to be brown.

Dr.John said...

I'm still waiting for my shot.


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