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Friday, 27 November 2009

Preparations Are Proceeding...

Preparations for 1st Advent Sunday are proceeding.
Today they were putting up the lights in the Christmas tree in the Market Square.

The Christmas Market stalls are also in place.
These days, commerce is going on around the week. In my childhood and youth, no shops were open on Sundays. 1st Advent Sunday used to be "Window Shopping Day". The shops were closed, but they had all made their Christmas displays. People went into town just to look although nothing was open. (Writing down memories like that always makes me feel about a hundred years old!)

(Some) Christmas Cards are cheap, but the postage is not!
I ordered mine via the internet yesterday, to be printed from one of my own photos.

My kitchen window.
A lot of people change curtains for the Christmas season, especially in the kitchen. Red brings warmth and colour into the cold and colourless darkness of winter. I prefer mine to be with relatively neutral pattern as I often keep them up until the end of February.

In almost every window in December and until a week or two into January, you will also see the electric candles and/or an advent star. Nowadays they come in all sizes, shapes and colours. The orange star made of paper to me is the "classical" one - the kind we had in my home when I grew up. It gives a soft warm glow and it's the kind I still want in my kitchen window. Some people prefer more expensive stars made of wood, or straw, or metal, or whatever. There is no lack of alternatives, whether you want traditional or more modern varieties.



jeannette stgermain said...

Oh that is a tradition i don't know to change your curtains for Dec.
Yes, my parents had a star hanging in the window too:)
Wow, that is some huge tree that's being placed there!

GB said...

I really enjoy reading about the customs in other places - the things one would never ordinarily read about nor experience unless one lived in a place at the time.

DawnTreader said...

I agree, and have to add I'm also sort of rediscovering our own traditions since I started blogging!


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