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Beyond the Lone Islands

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Weather Or Not


In this part of Sweden (inland from the west coast) we cannot claim to have been really snowed in over Christmas. We got a thin layer of extra snow on Christmas morning but that’s it. Otherwise around here it just basically stayed cold, -10°C plus icy winds blowing.

The really nasty snowstorms seem to have kept to the south-east over Christmas (now moving north). Down in the SE all trains were cancelled on Christmas Eve, car queues on the roads got stuck in the snow for hours, and military vehicles were needed to get home care/medical staff out to patients in remote places, etc. The main problem was the strong winds which caused the snow to drift. They had to give up even trying to clear some of the smaller roads while it was at its worst.

2010-12-25 traffic TV
Collage from news scenes on my TV screen

Myself I even got out for a bit of a walk in the afternoon of Christmas Eve, but I have no photographic evidence of it, since I got problems with the camera card. Maybe it froze or something!  Anyway I had to format it to get it sorted and the few Christmas Eve pictures I had on it got erased. Never mind, nothing important. (And my main errand was to pick up a parcel from the post office rather than to take photos.)


On Christmas Day I only went outside for ten minutes or so, which took me as far as the end of our street, from where I was able to take this photo of the sun setting behind a house across the road.

Today I won’t be going out at all. If I had any thoughts of it, they went away just now as I turned from the computer screen to look out the window in my study. Guess what? It’s snowing…


Sandra said...

well you did get a great photo on your short trip out. since i am a little chilled sitting here, house is at 66 degrees, I can feel the cold from your photo. the wind here is howling in from the north, sustained winds of 35 and gusting to 50 which is gale force winds. no snow, but it is nasty and dreary looking with rain on the way. stay warm and safe.

GB said...

Lovely photo. I'm glad you managed out - it was worth it for that shot alone.

Ginny said...

That last picture is beautiful!!! The ones you lost couldn't have been prettier than this one. But I know that is a pain to have lost them. Stay inside and stay safe, my friend.


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