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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Christmas Market

Advent Calendar / 15 December


The smell of roasted almonds gives a special atmosphere to the Christmas market.


The red wooden market stalls are put up in the town square for the Christmas market from 1st Advent until Christmas.


More things to eat! The sign says “4 kinds of sausages” – reindeer, elk (moose), wild boar and – garlic?! (The last one does not really seem to fit in with the others!)

Hmm… I’m getting suspicious…
Why were Santa’s/ Tomten’s reindeer not in their stables???



Sandra said...

maybe the reindeer are out practicing their flight patterns for the Big Night. i do so love your town and wish i could see all this. what a specail place you live in. thanks for my trip daily to see things i would never see

Ginny said...

What a charming sight! I would love to walk through there with you! Do they have other things besides food? How far away do you live from here?

DawnTreader said...

Yes there are other things like Christmas decorations and clothes and tombolas for charity. Some stalls are there all week round in December and others only at the weekends.

GB said...

I love street markets. I always have done. Today, however, in the UK they tend to be an excuse to sell food from foreign places at inflated prices which is a shame. Here in NZ the Farmers Markets are all the rage and they, too, tend to be higher end food and wine products. There are some 'ordinary' markets which have a mixture of stalls including used goods stalls and imported (and sometimes counterfeit) goods as well.

The markets in Berlin - especially the night market on the Kurfustendam - used to be really exciting. I don't know what they are like now.

For a proper street market as I know and love it France is the place for me.

But then there are markets all over the world which I've never visited. Perhaps that is a challenge for my bucket list.

DawnTreader said...

I suspect that most people who shop at street markets here do it for the atmosphere and because there are some different products to be found compared to the usual stores, rather than because of the prices. In the summer I sometimes buy locally grown vegetables and fruit from market stalls in the square; and there are certain items I sometimes keep a lookout for in the bigger spring and autumn markets if I happen to be in need of them. Otherwise I don't really shop much in markets.

I would say Sweden is well worth a visit :) but the markets perhaps not in the top ten list of why (?)


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