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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Christmas Bunny

Advent Calendar / 8 December


What? You never heard of the Christmas Bunny? Well, to me it makes as much sense  as an Easter Bunny bringing Easter eggs!

Actually, the bunny sculpture stands in our town park all-year-round, but the snow gives him an extra interesting face expression. The Winter Wonderland surrounding him also enhances the associations with Alice in Wonderland (which inspired the artist).*

Here is proof that the Christmas Hare actually exists:


I saw him through my window one night last week. He was digging through the snow to get at the grass underneath, poor thing.

Then another one popped up in the gadget at the bottom of my blog page. Apparently there were Christmas Bunnies as early as back in the 16th century:

youg hare dürer 244583_320_art_R0-2

Snowy footnotes:
* The name of the the sculpture in the first picture is Mate Hunting,
and the artist Marianne Lindberg De Geer (born 1946).
*  Thankyou to Picnik (now accessible directly from Picasa) for the Christmassy frames and the Santa hat.
* Apologies to Albrecht Dürer (1421-1528) and Random Classic Art.



Ginny said...

I love the big green bunny, and those very cool frames, especially the one with the lights! And what a good shot of the real Christmas Bunny!! Does that green bunny have real big google eyes? It looks like it!

Heather T. said...

:) I love the photos of your area! And, I agree, the snow surely does give him a touch of added character. Very cute, my friend.

Sandra said...

you are so right, christmas bunny makes perfect sense to me. as we drove to the gym early toay in the dark i saw christmas mickey mouse and a christmas flamingo, so why no bunnies. like those frames especailly the holly

GB said...

You made me smile with this one, Monica.

DawnTreader said...

Ginny: Yes the bunny sculpture has big "cartoon character" kind of eyes.

GB: That was the purpose, my friend ;)


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