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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Sweet Christmas

Advent Calendar / 11 December
I forgot one  kind of pig in my Christmas Pig post the other day:

The  Marzipan Pig. Real Marzipan is made of sugar and almond meal; there are also cheaper varieties where peach or apricot kernels are used instead of almonds.
Here are some other typical kinds of Christmas sweets that many people in Sweden often still make their own at home for Christmas:
This is a kind of toffee, made from
cream, sugar, syrup, butter and chopped almonds.
(Warning: Do not eat if you already have tooth problems!)
Ischoklad (ice chocolate)
50/50 chocolate + coconut fat
Mint kisses
Icing sugar, vinegar and peppermint oil,
with dark chocolate on top
(taste reminding of
After Eights)
My Mum used to make ice chocolate, and another kind of toffee. We also made marzipan figures back in my childhood. I used to make the mint kisses sometimes, but I think that was not until after I moved away from home.

I don’t make any of these now; partly because if I do make them, I most likely also end up eating them! Some things I just have a very hard time resisting if I know I have them in the house…

None of the pictures in this blog post are my own,
the were all found by Google Search or Wikipedia.


Sandra said...

I would love all of this and I am like you I don't make or buy things like this because i will eat all of them. i have a sweet addiction

Heather T. said...

Mmmmm!! I remember marzipan. My mother and I would make little things with it, too..the almond version.

Making candy, as I recall, was such a process...I am much too lazy for that {in all complete honesty}. The boiling to a just right temperature and hurrying to complete your making before it hardens....aghhhh....the stress of it would make me nutty. Oh, wait...I'm already a bit nutty :)

These look SO delicious. I especially would like to try the little mint rounds with chocolate. mmmmm

Mac n' Janet said...

I remember marzipan from when we lived in Germany. I'd buy it at Christmas, and I always bought a pig or two, I'd say they were for decoration but I'd end up eating them. LOL

Ginny said...

Yes, I have heard about and even seen the tiny marzipan pigs, but haven't seen one in years. The toffee thing and ice-chocolate I have never heard of, I just like the name ice-chocolate. That's one I would like to try. We have a store called "World Market" and they have things from other countries, candy and cookies especially. I may go looking there. There is a lot of stuff from Sweden, Germany, Japan. I think I'll go today. If I get anything you may know about, I'll post it.

GB said...

Being a savory rather than a sweet person the only ones that really appeal to me are the mints. I could eat lots and lots of them!

DawnTreader said...

The mints are my favourites, too. My success in making them myself has varied though. Some years they just would not harden and I ended up with just a very sticky mess for all my trouble!


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