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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Advent Candles

Advent Calendar / 2 December

Sorry I’m a bit late with this post. We’ve been having broadband problems on and off here over the last few days. Well – I guess I’m not really in time sync with most of my readers anyway… But it’s still very irritating whenever it happens. Not only does it disrupt my own posting – I’ve also not been able to make my usual “rounds” to read other people’s posts.

Opening the second door in my “fire prevention” Advent calendar, I found a wooden candle holder changed into one made of stone; and today’s message was to only use fireproof candle holders.

Three years ago  I took some pictures of Christmas ornaments at my parents’ house. I think I may already have shown some of these last year, but never mind. Anyway, here are two classic candle-holders:


The Advent candle box: This has four candles, one for each Sunday in Advent, and is traditionally filled and decorated with white bog moss, pine-cones, evergreen sprigs etc. Even if the box itself is made of metal, the decorations are usually far from fireproof. Mum and dad were always careful to blow out any candles before they left the table, though.


The three-armed candle holder made of wood, often painted red is another traditional Christmas decoration. This one belonged to my paternal grandparents.

Myself I never light candles in wooden holders now. I’m afraid I might get distracted and forget about them. Or fall asleep…

Below is one of my own favourites for a single candle – the one to the left. (It’s the same one as in yesterday’s picture.) It’s made of wrought iron and it’s made especially to be used for candle-ends.



Sandra said...

i never really thought to much about the candle holders, now i will, almost all of mine are glass and i am always careful but with senior memory moments i am afraid to light them. i like the last photo a lot. the twirly candle stick is sometning i would love

Ginny said...

A beautiful variety of candle holders! I like this advent series you have and am looking forward to what's behind each one!!

Rose-Anne said...

I love the Swedish candle decorations. Something I should have bought when i was over there.I came home from Sweden loving candles.

GB said...

I love candles although I don't use them much now (unless we have a power cut). I don't think, however, that I've ever had a wooden candleholder - mine are all glass, ceramic or metal.


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