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Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve

Advent Calendar / 24 December


Wishing all of my blogging  friends a Merry Christmas,
and hoping that Santa will find some extra special gift
in his bag for each and every one of you!

The 24th is the last door in the traditional Advent Calendar. And at least here in Sweden, Christmas Eve is also the main day of celebration, because that’s when Santa comes bringing presents. Yes, that’s right. He starts his work already on Christmas Eve here in the North. He usually doesn’t bother with going through the chimney here – he just knocks on the door, just like any civil person would do. There, however, the normality ends, because what other guest would start the conversation by asking their hosts if they’ve been GOOD all year? Honestly, that’s enough to cause a child nightmares rather than joyful expectation (and I’m speaking from personal experience here!).

However, I blogged about my issues with Santa last year, and so I’ll skip repeating all of that again. Over the years, we’ve come to a better understanding; which means he rarely turns up in person on my doorstep any more, asking silly questions; but on the other hand I no longer boycott all images of him. And I still get presents…! Some came through the mailbox earlier in the week and are waiting under my little tree to be opened this afternoon or evening.

Now, if you’ll excuse me… I hear some little santa-gnomes making a noise in the kitchen, complaining that I forgot to let them out of their house…  Better go and do something about it…




Sandra said...

so glad you overcame you santa phobia. these are really cute, you know how much I like santa since he is my distant relative. HO HO from Sandra claus

Ginny said...

Merry christmas, Monica! I love your Santa picture with the pretty frame and all the snow. And the really cute tin like a house. I can't believe all those Santas fit inside!

GB said...

I'll not repeat what I said last year but whilst I can understand people saying that there is an imaginary person bringing their children toys at Christmas it's not something now that I would ever say to my children.


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