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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Same Window, Different View


I’m glad I got the outdoor Christmas lights up on my balcony earlier this week (on a dry day), because now we have snow again.

Yesterday, I also changed the curtains in my kitchen, as the first step towards indoors Advent decorations. This is very common in Sweden – to change curtains for winter or Christmas. Especially in the kitchen. Mine are not too Christmassy, and I usually put them up from mid November and then let them stay up until the end of February/beginning of March. My kitchen in itself is very neutral. This makes it easy to shift the mood with decorations according to season. If one wants to.

… Here I spent an awfully long time searching through my photos for a summer view from the same window. I found it, and as a result this whole post is taking a different turn than I was planning. I had in mind a post with focus on decorations. But instead it will focus on the view that I see through the window.

Because the photo below does not only show you how the window looks with different curtains; it also shows you how the view itself changes with the seasons. In the summer I see trees. This is from late in May, 2009. The flowering trees outside are Lilacs, Rowan and Whitebeam. In the summer, I only see glimpses of far-away rooftops beyond the trees. But when the leaves fall off, the view changes, and I can see a lot more of the buildings some distance away, and even a bit of the road in between. The winter view actually has its own charm. In the summer I like the “all green” view, but in the winter it is quite nice to see a bit more of the town.


The view from the kitchen window was actually one of the things I fell for with this flat, when I first came to have a look at it.


This is from my very first visit to look at the flat. (So that lace curtain is not mine, nor are those plants.) This was towards the end of April. The trees had only just begun to turn green. I had no idea yet whether I had any real chance of getting the flat. But my heart said: Go for it, if it turns out you can!

PS. I can’t see the river, even in the winter. But it runs between those red buildings I see through the window. I know it’s there.

PPS. So much happened between starting this post and finishing it that I forgot that I originally intended to link it to What Karen Sees, and to Ginny at Let Your Light Shine. But their posts are about fall decorations and I’m way past fall and into winter now…


Sandra said...

I like you curtains much better than the lace and really like the red and white, they are so cheery looking and that is what you need in your snowy and cold days. I love the view to. i like our views from every window, lots of trees and bushes. you should link this post to What Karen Sees, she has a link for people decorating and your curtains fit the bill.

Heather T. said...

I really like your window and it's beautiful clothing :) Really, what a wonderful refreshment to see.

Lizzy Frizzfrock said...

I love the idea of changing the window curtains. My home would lend itself to that in our eating area. I think I shall look about for something new & interesting (although I love my off-white linen drapery with a deep red grosgrain ribbon running down the sides.
Your area is so cozy & I like the light. Yes, I would have been drawn to the flat based on that one window.

WhatKarenSees said...

What a wonderful tradition! I love your window. It just brightens my mood to look at something different, and switch decorations around. In my house, I don't have curtains, I have shutters, so can't do that, but I do the same thing with all the pillows on my sofa and wall art. I have spring and summer pillows and pictures, and fall and winter pillows and pictures. P.S. Thanks for participating in my last post. I am hoping to find new friends and photographers. I've enjoyed my visit to you blog. It is fun and interesting, and I'll be back to visit again soon, and I hope you'll visit me again soon too!

Ginny said...

I LOVE, love,love your windows!! Wow! You were really thinking ahead when you took the first picture of the window before you had even moved in! But both of yours are so much prettier than the lace, which is rather drab. I adore the cheerful red checks, and the yellow is really stunning! The tie backs on the yellow curtains even match the flowers! (african violets?) Your little copper teapot is so cute!! We never change our curtains here. Well, at least I don't personally.

GB said...

I like the idea of your cheerful curtains in your window. I thought at first that you were just getting ready for Christmas and I think that it is all so early for that.

jennyfreckles said...

It's lovely to have a nice view when you're at the sink! People always used to have winter and summer curtains here - but that was before central heating became the norm. I never seem to change anything in my house. I ought to be more adventurous.

Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Dawn, I haven't visited with you in a good while but, I see you still are making gorgeous photos!!!


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