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Beyond the Lone Islands

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

An Ordinary Day


Above and below: Traffic pictures from the local newspaper.


Yesterday we had a snowstorm again. I did not have any plans to go out anyway, so I just stayed in, and wasn’t really much bothered. I was rather surprised to learn in the afternoon that it had been so bad that it brought a total stop to all the bus traffic in town! It did not look all that bad from my windows. I could see there was a strong wind, but the layer of snow was not very thick. But apparently the roads were really icy, and lots of road accidents were reported from all over the area. And in town, the busses were standing still, and people had to walk, or call for taxis, or stay where they were.

Today I had a lunch date planned with a friend. Doesn’t happen too often and I was looking forward to it. The storm has passed, and the snow was thawing again this morning. I was all set on going out for lunch. But it was not to be. My friend woke up with a cold and called to cancel. So I guess I’m in for a less exciting and much more ordinary lunch today: Soup from a can…


Better get used to it, I suppose. All of it: Snowstorms, colds, cancelled plans, and canned soup… It’s winter.



rae said...

You need to move to Texas!

Sandra said...

Might i say you could come to Florida. ha ha. just kidding. you have such a wonderful place for photos. love the soup can photo. and so sorry you are not going out for lunch. colds and flu are starting here and i am hoping they don't visit me.

Ginny said...

I don't know why, but I think my favorite posts are these ones where you just tell about your day. Even if nothing happens, it really interests me, and you always have good pictures to go with it. Potato soup, I'm thinking?

GB said...

I just cannot get my mind around the fact that it's winter with you again and not just winter but REAL winter. Ugh. I'm moving into shorts today and 28℃ is forecast. Sorry!


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