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Beyond the Lone Islands

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Out Of The Fog, Into The Light


Woke up to a foggy morning today! I live in the background of this picture somewhere (all hidden in the fog).


Down by the riverside – more fog.


You could be fooled to think that this was a  Photoshop job of some kind but it’s not. The fog is responsible for the effect.


The Christmas tree is up in the town square.


The Christmas lights have been put up over the streets.


Some of the trees in the town park are all prepared, too.


And as from today, my outdoor lights on the balcony are up as well. It is a bit early (1½ week to go until 1st Advent), but I got inspired from my walk in town and it was a good day to get it done (sunny when the fog had lifted). Who knows when the next snowfall may be (or rainstorm). Much easier to do it in still and dry weather…


Ginny said...

Yes, I totally agree! Put up the outdoor things while the weather is good! I love these pictures. The first fog ones just drain all the color out and reduce the world to balck and white, don't they? And then the color starts to return as the foig lifts. And I love seeing the beginning of the decorations, a transition time. Can't wait to see that big teee all decorated!

Sandra said...

these are all so good I can't pick a favorite. Love the tree and really like the closeup of the lights. i think my favorite is the street scene of the buildings with the fog at the end. love the perspective of it all. these are wonderful, all of them

jeannette said...

I love the first pic - you caught the mood of fog very well!
Good for you, now you don't have to put up the lights when it's rainy or in the snow!


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