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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Raven's Wordzzle Challenge # 70

For the rules of the game, and for more stories, go to Raven's Nest.

Raven has kept this going for 70 weeks now - I'm impressed!
I didn't join until week 57 so I'm still a beginner.

Here is my contribution for this week, mixing all 15 words into one chapter.

The Slumber Party Mystery
Chapter 17 - Diana's holding pattern

Ten Word Challenge: Florida, spit, child bride, operatic, busy, holding pattern, sunflowers, ginger jars, office, superintendent
Mini challenge: music to my ears, plot, powerful, braggart, super model

When Bumblebee had left the room, Diana lifted the lid of a big ginger jar decorated with a pattern of sunflowers, dropped the letter in it, and put the lid back on. Before Skittles had time to ask why, she turned back to him again and looked him straight in the eyes.

"Look here, superintendent," she began.

"Lieutenant," said Skittles. His own rank, at least, he still felt pretty sure of.

"Sorry. I guess I read too many British crime novels. Look here, lieutentant, I'm sure you're a very busy man and must be wanting to get back to your office, and I'm getting the impression you don't really understand a thing I'm saying. I assure you I had no intention of hurting my grandfather in any way, nor anybody else for that matter. I was only kind of trying out a holding pattern, you might say, for the plot in my book. By the way, the working title is "Music to my ears" and it's set partly in England, partly in Florida."

Standing there in her lime green dress, not only did she look like a goddess, but like a mysterious combination of innocent child bride and braggart super model all in one, thought Skittles. Humble and powerful at the same time, and somehow operatic. You could never predict when she'd break out into another aria. He still wished he could get her to spit out something a bit more informative, though.

"All I did," continued Diana, "was to put the sausages on the grill. I asked grandpa to keep an eye on them for me, and to watch Bumblebee's reaction when he came out with the drinks. The sausages weren't on the menu, you see. If things went really perfect, I was also hoping that they'd pop out of their skin at just the right moment. In my book, there are explosives involved, but of course I couldn't take my real life experiment that far. Analyze the remains if you will, you'll find nothing extraordinary about the sausages! But of course it was still stupid of me not to think of the fire hazard, on a day like this, and with grandpa not able to rise from his chair on his own. But he had his alarm, you know, and I didn't expect him to faint, and I was really expecting B to come out much sooner. And then when I got upstairs to my room, I saw from my window that Adam had arrived, too – that is, I saw his car parked in front of the house. But then he left again, I watched him drive off rather in a hurry. But then he came back. Has he given you any explanation for that yet?"


Akelamalu said...

It was just an accident, anyone can see that. I think Bumblebee knows more than he's letting on. :)

Reston Friends! said...

Oohhh--passing the potential blame to Adam...this is getting more and more intriguing!

Raven said...

I just love the way Diana's mind works. Your writing is so good. It's hard to believe that English is your second language. I am in awe.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Wordzzle. I'm so enjoying this and Bumblebee, I agree with Akelamalu, knows more than what he's letting on. Great writing. It's getting so good. Aloha :)

Dr.John said...

I love the story but am as lost as lieutentant. Very good plot writin g and working the words in.

Heather said...

Good use of the words... I like the holding pattern for book plot and use of music to my ears working title then how you fit Florida in. Clever.

Richard said...

Exploding sausages almost sounds like a 4th of July terrorist plot. Finally we're getting the scoop on the cause of the fire.

CJ said...

Clever use of the words this week. Good plot-driven story.

Sorry I am so late reading these this week. Busy weekend.

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