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Beyond the Lone Islands

Thursday, 30 July 2009


Joining the photo blog Soaring Through The World In Pictures has sent me off on new adventures this summer, not only inspiring me to take more photos but also to explore the possibilities of photo editing a bit further. The theme this week has been Before/After (Edited Shots), and I've been experimenting a little with the software Paint Shop Pro, which I already had on my computer, but never really used much before, beyond one or two basic quick-fix functions. Now being able to share the results with my fellow "bloglings"* (both here at my own blog and at the joint photo blog) is a great motivation booster to learn and practice more.

*(I picked up the word "blogling" from Scriptor Senex the other week; he in turn he had adopted it from somewhere else, but whoever invented it, I love the word!)

Above, an AFTER picture of a bumblebee, slightly colour adjusted, sharpened and framed. Below, the original BEFORE picture.

For more BEFORE/AFTER pictures, look in at


Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...see what a difference it makes! So many time a bit of adjusting will save a picture that otherwise would have been deleted! The original picture is nice but compared to the adjusted comparison. Great Shot.


California Girl said...

Pretty soon you'll be picking up PhotoShop and using that. My husband swears by it.


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