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Monday, 27 July 2009

More (Or Less) About Mail

Today an article in the newspaper informed us of further cutdowns in postal service. It seems the correspondence between me and my friend G (see this post from last week) is not enough reason to keep all the mailboxes after all. Well, so far there is no talk of closing the boxes through which we receive letters. But we might soon have to go for longer walks to be able to post them. In this district (town and surrounding area), they'll be taking down 60. And the ones that remain, will be emptied earlier in the day.
They are not making it easy for us old pen-and-paper-fanatics! Most likely, they won't even bother to send a letter to inform us which ones will be taken down, but let us discover that by ourselves. (Or look it up on the internet.)

Maybe we'll have to go back to using pigeons eventually?


Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader....
How timely after we were talking last week about sending personal correspondence! I really am afraid that this is where we are sterile and non personal like email. With the avid pen and paper folks like you out there... at least you will be speaking for us! Keep up the handwriting!


Dr.John said...

There is always e-mail.

rae said...

Wow. In the towns I've lived in (for the past 10 years; there's been a few) I always have to go to the post office to mail a letter out. No one will pick up! I'm sorry you're losing your pick up. I miss mine!

DawnTreader said...

Rae - if you also read my previous post about Letters (linked to in this one), you'll see that we also have no separate post offices any more; instead we have some such services at certain shops and supermarkets. In the long run, that's probably also the only places where we'll be able to post letters.

Dr John - Yes, there's e-mail! And I embrace that, too! With some people (who find it too much of a "process" having to first find paper and pen, then envelope and stamp, and then on top of that having to go out and find a mailbox) e-mail has revived the communication. I also love the way the internet has opened up the possibilities of making new aquaintances all over the world.

Dan - Judging by the numbers of postcards and scrapbooking material displayed in various shops, I think that parallell to the development in digital communication, people still feel a need to express both creativity and caring in a more physcial way as well.

I hope there will continue to be room for both. E-mail because it's fast, paper-mail because it's tangible!


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