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Saturday, 26 December 2009

Time To Hibernate

Typical Christmas: A lot of going back and forth by car...!

Yesterday and today have been no fun at all from weather/traffic point of view, the temperature around zero and sometimes rain, sometimes snow = slush. A lot of accidents were reported on the radio as my brother drove me back to town yesterday afternoon. I hope he got home safe today, from a considerably longer drive... (P.S. He did! Confirmed by text message...)

Myself I have had the luxury of not even having to set foot outside the flat today. Hopefully I won't have to do so tomorrow either. Eventually I suppose I will run out of either food or paper tissues (the cold is still hanging in); but until I do, or the weather improves, I will continue to hibernate...!

I have written a long letter to a friend, and talked to another one on the phone, and watched two episodes of a British crime series on DVD, which I got as Christmas present from my brother - Jonathan Creek. I'd never heard of it but got really hooked by the first two episodes. So from entertainment point of view I can easily hibernate a few days more...!

"Certain mammals have what many people might consider the good fortune to be able to sleep through the winter—to hibernate. They bed down in the fall and, for all intents and purposes, don't arise again until the spring." (Quote from a web article on hibernation. The picture is my own, from the zoo in the early autumn. I've used it before on this blog, but I think it's sooo cute...)



rae said...

Now I have a new DVD series to add to Netflix. Thanks! (Glad you got home safely!)

Don said...

My wife and I like BBC mysteries too, so this is now on our list. (Poirot, Miss Marple, Lindley, and Midsomer.)

jeannette stgermain said...

I don't envy that cold weather! That DVD series sound interesting -got to look for it!

GB said...

I think I'd be hibernating too.

I'm catching up with blogs today - sort of.


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