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Beyond the Lone Islands

Monday, 21 December 2009

Felstaed On My Wall

I've mentioned before that I won a photo of my choice from Dan's blog Wood and Pixels about a month ago. It arrived this week and I thought I'd show you its new 'home' - on the wall between my living room and the hall. It's a picture from up above the clouds in the Rocky Mountains.

Dan also kindly included a print of another picture which I had commented on: a white deer. I found a frame for that too and put it up on my bedroom wall. (The white and blue picture to the left.)



Rose-Anne said...

They look good Monica. All your photos and decorations are bringing back memories of when i was in Sweden-----Take care. I sent you a card today so it will be late. I am way behind as usual.

Dan Felstead said...

Dawn Treader...thank you for posting the photos...I am proud to have them hanging on a wall in Sweden! I never thought that would happen to one of my photos!

Merry Christmas!


Sandra said...

I just found this blog, I have been following your picture blog. now i will follow this one. I love the quote for the week. also i did not realize until today that you are in Sweden. Merry Christmas from Florida USA

DawnTreader said...

Rose-Anne, it will be a year soon since you prompted me to start a blog of my own... I couldn't have guessed what a photomania it would get me caught up in! :D

Dan, you've been an inspiration in so many ways... I'm really proud to have your pictures on my wall!

Sandra, welcome! I've put your blog on my dashboard reading list too. This is my main blog to share a bit of "this and that"; the idea of an additional Picture Book grew out of my rapidly increased photo interest and wanting to be able to show some of my photos in a bigger format.


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